Young Steel, Inc. was formed in 1993 and is a small business enterprise.

Young Steel, Inc. operates out of an office and warehouse facility in Upper Marlboro, MD, just outside the DC Beltway off Pennsylvania Avenue. Our company's location is ideal for handling a contract for work in the construction industry. Our shop is equipped with machinery to process our products in a timely manner. Our Employee's are trained and certified for the type of work performed. When Young Steel Inc. is referenced, it is a team of hard working, conscientious, people doing their jobs to their best abilities. Any agency using Young Steel, Inc. will benefit from the team's background in the construction history

The primary focus of Young Steel, Inc's work is commercial and government projects. We understands the important, non-combative working relationships with engineers and inspectors necessary to help each other provide the best quality product to the customer at the most reasonable price.

Finally, if Young Steel, Inc. felt a contract was beyond the scope of it's capabilities, we would not procure a contract. Young Steel, Inc. has made a niche for itself performing Commercial and Federal projects for our customers.